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family immigration

Immigrants can come to the United States legally being sponsored for permanent residency(a green card) by a family member who is already in the country.

Family-based immigration falls into two categories: unlimited (immediate relatives of United States citizens) and limited (family preference system). Unlimited means that there is no cap, or limit, on the number of visas available each year.

The complications of the process and applications for proper treatment under U.S. immigration law present challenges, which exist to protect U.S. citizens and immigrants. Navigating the complexities of the system, properly filing your paperwork and achieving your goals in a timely fashion are best completed with the guidance of an experienced and thorough immigration lawyer.


Even If you are considered inadmissible to the U.S. under any provision of immigration law, you may still be able to get a visa or green card by obtaining a waiver of inadmissibility. 

Under U.S. immigration law, certain classes of people are considered inadmissible, including people who have previously lived in the country without status, those who have been convicted of serious criminal offenses, and those who have committed immigration fraud.

However, U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services (USCIS) has the authority to grant waivers of inadmissibility to inadmissible applicants who meet certain legal standards.

For the most part, these standards are focused on extreme hardship to a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident (green card holder). 

Provisional waivers for unlawful presence

The new process for applying for a provisional unlawful presence waiver (I-601A) reduces the amount of time U.S. citizens are separated from their immediate relatives (spouses, parents and children under 21 years of age of U.S. citizens). It allows qualifying individuals to apply for the waiver and receive approval before they leave the U.S. 

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