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immigration bonds

Immigration bonds are a form of federal bond and are typically set for detainees held by the US Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) pending a hearing or court appearance. If your loved one has been detained by ice you may be able to secure their release if you can obtain an immigration bond.

A bond allows the detainee to be released and attend their court proceedings outside of the detention center.If a bond has not already been set or the initial bond set by ice is too high, an attorney can ask the immigration judge for a “bond hearing”.

At the hearing, an immigration judge determines whether your loved can be released on bond – or whether he or she is subjected to mandatory detention. The judge reviews all the preliminary issues and determines whether the detainee is eligible for bond. The judge also determines whether the detainee is a flight risk. You must provide evidence that you meet all the requirements to qualify for a bond.

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